Hair | GHD's.. Are They Worth It?

GHD Red Gloss IV Styler - £99.00

When every girl is growing up, the one thing they want to do is straighten their hair. Well, this was the case for me anyway and I used to borrow my mum's straighteners and fortunately, she's always had a pair of GHD's, but because of the expense, I brought some rubbish cheap ones from argos and hoped for the best, however they just didn't make the cut. Then, my dad got a pair of GHD's off of his friend, they were bright pink and the man had only charged my dad a small amount for them. Anyway, I used them for 2 years before finding out that they were fake! They didn't do bad things for my hair at all and actually did quite a good job but I know a few people who have brought fake ghd's and the straighteners have burnt and melted their hair, so be very careful! 

I now have the red version of the GHD and I do really like it. It is the regular size and is priced at £99. But what most people may ask is, are they really worth it?

YES. In my opinion, I think that they really are. I use mine everyday however, not really for the purpose they are made for. I mostly use mine to curl my hair everyday and then I just straighten my fringe. I sometimes also straighten my hair and even though my hair is extremely straight naturally, I still like to go over it with the GHD's as I find that it makes the straightness last even throughout the weirdest of climates! 

I really would recommend the GHD's to anyone whom is thinking about purchasing them or is in the market for a new straighter because they really do last a long time (my mum has had her's since they came out and it's still going good and strong now!) and also, they really are good quality and do what they are supposed to do. I also have a few curling irons that I have brought but nothing is as good as this and for me, I wouldn't be able to live without it! 

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Do you have a pair of GHD's?


Skincare | My Favourite Spot Treatments

Since spots have started appearing on my face, I have tried so many spot-treatments on my face and have spent countless amount of money on trying to find something that will get rid of these pesky things. I have now found four treatments that I really like and feel as though they do the job so I thought I'd share them with you: 

Proactiv Refining Mask (£10.95 for 70g)
You may have noticed that this product is actually a mask however, it works wonders on getting rid of spots too. This is a clay mask so I apply this just before I go to sleep on the present spots on my face and by the morning, these are very much reduced. I do really like this product as I feel like I can feel it working as it is clay and can be seen on the face (Weird I know!). This isn't drying either which I love. I have also had this for 1 year now and even though I only have a sample size, it has lasted me this long.

Origins Super Spot Remover (£12.00 for 10ml)
This is my most recent find and probably my favourite and this is the one I use every single night. I find this little pot to do such wonders but you have to be aware that it looks tiny but you really need the littlest amount. I find that this one lasts a reasonable amount of time as I got it around February time and I have a little bit left now, however I don't see this to be a problem as it really does get rid of spots quickly! It also doesn't dry your skin out either, it just can't be applied beneath makeup, other wise it makes it peal off however it doesn't make your skin peel!

Liz Earle Spot-On (£8,75 for 6ml)
This is slightly different to the other spot treatments as this is a roller ball application and is also an oil rather than a gel or cream. This treatment seems to run out quicker than all of the rest though so I don't use it as often. This one doesn't get rid of the spot as quickly, however the thing I like about this one is that it moisturises the area so therefore you don't end up with any dry patches at all even if you use it over and over again. Another thing I like is I can use this under my makeup if I let it dry and it doesn't make it peel off!

PanOxyl 10 Aquagel (£3.85 for 50ml)
As you can see, this is much better value for money than all of the rest, however the problem is, this is for severe acne and so it is very drying but amazing if you have acne. The active ingredient in this product is Benzoyl Peroxide and it has a strength of 10%. This is very drying, however, if you use it in moderate amounts, it gets rid of the spots very quickly, leaving behind a small amount of dryness. I use this when I'm fed up of my skin and want things to go back to normal quickly and don't mind putting up with the dryness!

Do you have a favourite spot treatment that you rely on?


Review | Bio Oil

Bio-Oil 60ml - £5.99 
It has to be said, my acne scars are the bain of my life. They constantly annoy me every single time I look in the mirror makeup-less. I have been on the hunt for countless products to try and banish them from my cheeks and slowly but surely, I've made a little progress. 

Bio-Oil is a multi-tasking facial and body oil that combats: Scars, Stretch Marks, Uneven Skin Tone, Ageing Skin and Dehydrated skin. Now for me, I use it to combat my scars and also slightly with the uneven skin tone part. I do really like this product and for the price I think it does a very good job at helping to fade the acne scars on my face. I apply this products every night over my moisturiser and apply 2-3 drops to each cheek and one drop on my chin and then just rub it in. It is also suggested that you can add 4-5 drops into the bath but for me, this obviously isn't needed as my problem areas are on my face. 

The one problem with this product for me is because I have normal-oily skin, using this facial oil, really makes my face feel super oily. Now, this isn't a problem when I go to sleep as I just fall straight asleep, however in the mornings, I have to wash my face immediately when I wake up as it just feels horrible and so so oily! Now this is immediately sorted once I have washed my face but it's just not a very nice feeling to wake up with. 

However, I do really like this product and will continue to use it until my acne scars decide to banish forever (Let's hope!). I do use this in conjunction with the Origins Mega Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum and also, the La Roche-Posay Biomedic Pigment Control and I find that with using all three, my acne scars are starting to fade and diminish. 

What would you use Bio-Oil for?


Beauty | What Make Up I'm Wearing This Week..

I'm a really nosey person so I love looking at what make up other people use each week. I decided to make this a weekly feature on my blog which I will either post on a sunday or a monday of each week. As many of you know, I have now finished school (woo!) so I'm no longer needing to use my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation everyday as I don't need the longevity that it gives at the moment as I'm just at home relaxing with my boyfriend! Therefore these posts are going to be more of a 'shopping my stash' kind of post as these generally aren't things that I use all of the time!

Face Products
Pupa Professionals Face Smoothing Primer:
I have been reaching for this as of late as when my Philosophy Present Primer reached the end of it's rein, I didn't think that anything could fill it's perfect shoes. However, this Italian primer has done quite a good job! I don't really like the fact that it is silicone based but it doesn't bother me too much.

Shideido Sun Protection Foundation SPF 30:
I brought this a while back as a recommendation from Fleur and as she said it was very long lasting, I thought it was right up my street. However, it wasn't quite as good as my Estee Lauder and therefore, it just felt to the back of my stash, but here it is, getting it's much deserved use!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer: 
This is one product that I rarely switch up unless it is for my Estee Lauder concealer. I love it, it's full coverage, doesn't look cakey and lasts such a long time! Perfect.

Face Products Continued..
Elf High Definition Powder: 
This is very similar to my amazing Mac Prep and Primer Transparent Finishing Powder and as I'm not going out really, I don't have a need to use my Mac one at the moment and this is why I'm making use of the elf one for the time being! 

Nars Blusher/Bronzer Trio:
This contains 3 of the most amazing face products that have ever lived and they all look so sublimely perfect against one another. The products included in this little compact are: Nars Orgasm Blusher, Nars Albatross Highlighter and Nars Laguna Bronzer. I love each one of these equally as much and I can't really say much else really, they're just perfect.

Lip Products
Mac Hue Lipstick: 
I picked all Mac lipsticks as they are getting very neglected of late because my Chanel lipsticks are getting all of the usage. I do really like this shade as it's a beautiful milky pink/nude shade. However, I never seem to wear this when I'm at school as I don't feel as thought it suits me as much as brighter colours however I do still like it. 

Mac Syrup Lipstick: 
I brought this one a month or so back when I saw essiebutton wearing it in one of her videos and decided I had to have it. It does have a purpley tinge to it and it is mostly a lighter shade of Plumful Lipstick by Mac. I do like to wear this lipstick even though it is more of a winter shade.

Mac Brave Lipstick: 
Most of you will have known that I showed this in my most recent haul and said that I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not. How the tables have turned, I love it. It's a perfect nude, my lips but better shade and what I love most is that it's a satin formula so doesn't melt and end up outside the lines of your lips!

Eye Products
Mac Devoted Poppy: 6 Classic Eyes Palette: 
This came out with Mac's Christmas Collection in 2009 and I remember buying it from a CCO as it was my first ever Mac product. I don't tend to use the blue and green, sometimes on the lash line but very rarely. I love the left hand side of the palette however and find that they make a beautiful everyday neutral eye.

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara: 
I picked this up in february time but never really touched it as I just had too many mascaras on the go, now that problem doesn't have seemed to lessened but I decided to use it anyhow and I do quite like it. I wouldn't say it gives loads of volume but I just find that it gives a nice natural coating to the lashes. 

Sorry for the long post! 
Do you change up your make up each week?


Lifestyle | Summer Fitness: Workouts

The summer is often the time where we feel as though we should up our fitness levels and get bikini ready for the summer but often it can be disheartening if you don't see immediate results and also, if temptation over powers you and you dive into that chocolate fudge cake (mm..)! 

However, this summer I am determined to follow it through, I don't want to loose any weight, just tone up my inner thighs and my lower abs. I want to be able to step out in my bikini and feel confident that my thighs aren't wobbling around like a crazy person! 

Now I have found two different fitness DVD's that are both intense exercise but also interesting and exciting to do. The first one that I like to do is Tae Bo, now this is a combination of boxing and aerobics which I really like. The main instructor is named Billy Blanks and he's really good at making you want to join in with the exercises. There is also three different levels that you can choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. This makes it great for anyone to use as it caters for all stages of exercising. I find that I see results with this as well and because the sessions are only between 10-30 minutes, you don't get bored. I do own a lot of the DVD's however, you can get quite a lot of the workouts on youtube which is probably a bit better if you only want to get 'Summer Ready' however the DVD's aren't that expensive so if you want to do it more often, it's a good idea to buy them!
Where To Find? 

The second DVD workout that I like is ToneItUp.com. This is instructed by two young girls who are impeccably toned and tanned! The sessions are filmed on the beach which makes you even more determined to do the workouts. In my opinion, these aren't as interesting as the Tae Bo exercises but if you prefer a non-cheesy workout then I would choose this one, as my boyfriend thinks that the Tae Bo workout is quite cheesy and he doesn't like that aspect of it however I do so I just think that it's to personal taste really. The ToneItUp girls do more workout sessions rather than incorporating it with anything else, they're sessions are also shorter with them being between 10-20 minutes. I don't have the DVD for this one as they have their own youtube channel with 255 videos so I don't feel the need to and the DVD is £17 and can only be purchased from their own website. The good thing about their youtube channel to is that the videos are titled with what part of the body the workout will target which makes it simple. 
Where To Find? 

I'm determined to carry out this regime that I'm going to do and In the next few weeks, I'm going to be videoing and posting a few different healthy recipes for different meals of the day so keep your eyes out for that!

Are you doing any summer fitness regimes?


Haul | Just a few bits..

Each week, I seem to pick up bits and bobs that I probably don't really need but still like to treat myself to! This week, these are the things that I have picked up and I thought I'd share them with you because two of them are actually quite interesting however I haven't tried any of them so this won't be any kind of review!

Pearl Drops Transform Now...Smile! (£5.10)
I have been looking around at lots of whitening products for your teeth in the past few months and have been debating whether to get the crest whitening strips. I haven't got yellow teeth but I feel as though they could be whiter and I really feel like a whiter smile makes your whole complexion look brighter. I was in boots earlier and saw this for quite a reasonable price at £5.10 and thought that it was worth trying it to see if it worked at all. I have reasonably high hopes but for the price, I'm not expecting miracles.

V05 High Volume Extra Strong Hold Hairspray (£3.05)
I did actually need some hairspray as I've been putting off curling my hair because without hairspray, the curls fall out within 5 minutes because of my stupidly straight hair! I have never tried a V05 hairspray before and normally use L'oreal Elnett or Tresemme but this hairspray was so much cheaper at £3.05 compared to the others I mentioned earlier being around £6-£8. 

Avene Redness-Relief Moisturising Protecting Emulsion (£13.50)
I picked this up on a whim whilst walking around boots as I have never noticed the Avene products in my boots as it is quite a small shop. I have been stuck in a skincare rut recently at trying to remove my acne scars but as soon as they start to get better, mother nature decides to appear and give me lots of spots which then make my skin look worse again! I have just been going in this continuous cycle and it's so annoying! I picked this up because I have quite a few scarring products that I'm currently using but not anything to combat the redness that comes with it so I'm hoping that this does the job nicely! 

Have you picked up anything nice this week?


Giveaway | 2,000 Youtube Subscribers!

If you're not familiar with me on youtube then you may not know about my giveaway that I am holding for reaching 2,000 subscribers! I have made a video which I will leave at the end of this post and you will be able to see all of the different products available to be won in that video with the rules and everything that goes along with that. However in this blog post I just wanted to go over the rules to make them all clear for everyone.

1) You HAVE to be subscribed to my YouTube Channel. (Link Here)
2) You HAVE to follow my blog via google friend connect. (It's over on the right hand side there!)
3) If you are under 16, please get your parents permission to enter this giveaway.
5) Comment on my giveaway video telling me what your favourite summer product is! (Optional)
4) This giveaway IS Worldwide. 
5) This giveaway will end on 22nd June 2012 (12:00pm GMT)

Will you be entering?

Review | Maybelline Dream BB Cream

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream - £7.99

In the spring and summer months, we all crave that beautiful natural base that will just look flawless on the skin so when a new drugstore BB cream came onto the market a lot of us jumped at the chance to find our new perfect base product. The new maybelline product promises to be an 8-in-1 BB cream - 
1) Creates a natural glow
2) Compliments Skin Tone
3) SPF30 UV Protection
4) Hydrates All Day
5) Blurs Imperfections
6) Oil-Free, Non Greasy
7) Looks Visibly Smooth
8) Feels Fresh

Now to be honest, I believe that some of these things should automatically be expected with a BB cream however I do really like this product so I should really stop pointing out the bad things about it! The main thing I like about this product is the fact that it gives more coverage than any of the other BB creams that I have used in the past but it still looks very natural. It seems to sink into the skin without clogging up your pores instead of just sitting on top of the skin. I find that this lasts quite a long time on the skin as well compare to other drugstore bases.

The colour range of the product is quite different to those of other BB creams as there is more shades available, Light, Medium, Dark and then a Universal Glow shade. I have the shade 'Medium' and this is a good match to my skin tone, especially for the summer when I am a bit more tan. However, I would like to try out the universal glow shade to see if this is a non-coverage perfecting cream or whether it is just a universal shade. 

The only thing that I dislike about this product is the fact that my skin does get shiny after a shorter amount of time than other foundations or BB creams even though I wear a shine-controlling powder on top of this and as it is oil-free, I don't see anyway of counteracting this. On the other hand, it doesn't make that much difference to me as I can re-apply the powder throughout the day and as it is coming up to summer, I regularly do this anyway. Also, the good thing about this is that even when it does get greasy and shiny on the skin, it doesn't rub away the BB cream, and when the powder is applied, it just looks the same as it did before which therefore provides a longer lasting base. 

Overall, I do really like this product. I feel comfortable wearing it and as I have acne scarring on both of my cheeks, this is quite a big thing for me. I do use the NO 7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick underneath this BB cream to give me some more coverage. I would really recommend this to people that want a nice natural base with a light-medium coverage, it is also going to be really good for the summer as it looks so natural but flawless! 

Whats your favourite summer foundation?


Favourites | Summer Lipsticks


Being the lip product junkie that I am, summer is my favourite season as the plethora of colours that can be worn without feeling uncomfortable and over the top is much more than at any other time of the year! I have purchased a few lip products recently that have slowly made their into my everyday routine and become some of my favourites so I thought I would share them with you in my first ever post on jdrmakeup.co.uk! (How exciting!)

L'oreal Caresse Lipstick - Tempting Lilac (£7.99)

I really prefer these to the Revlon Lip Butters as I just find them so much more moisturising. I especially love this shade as it's such a nice light purpley-pink colour which is quite different to any other drugstore lipstick I have seen in the past. I also like how this goes onto the lips as I find that it doesn't look too full on and that way, it can be worn with any makeup look. 

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick - Paradis (39) (£24.00)

These Chanel lipsticks are my the little bits of luxury in my life! They apply like an absolute dream, last for a really long time on the lips but aren't drying! This is my more recent Chanel lipstick and the colour is very interesting and again, something I haven't really seen before. It is a very wearable everyday pink colour that has a beautiful blue undertone which makes it very flattering on the lips. I also really like the fact that when these rub off of the lips, they don't go all crumbly and horrible, they just rub off and then you can reapply them again like a dream.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick - Orchidee (17) (£24.00)

This was my first Chanel purchase and I 100% do not regret it! This shade is so flattering on the lips and I truly believe that it would look great on any skin tone. Also, you can dab this lipstick on lightly to give a more subtle, stained effect but can also apply it full on to give a darker and brighter effect. I love the fact that this shade just finishes off a face of makeup!

Mac Lipstick - Brave (£13.50)

This is my perfect nude, most of you will know me from youtube and will know that I hate nude lipsticks as they just look awful on me! However, this one is perfect. It is a satin formula which I quite like as it has a nearly matte look about it. I really enjoy wearing this shade as it looks quite professional and looks beautiful on the lips  however it isn't too 'in your face' as some of the summer shades can be like.

Pixi Succulent Lip Twin - Pink Peony (£12.00)

This is an extremely new purchase but has vastly become one of my favourites to use. It is a very different and clever little product, in the top part of the product, it is a non-sticky lipgloss formula in a beautiful bright pink colour the same as the swatch above and in the bottom section, is a round ball of a bright pink pigmented shade, which is extremely moisterising and looks so lovely on the lips after it's been applied! Don't be put off by the round ball applicator as it does apply very nicely and looks gorgeous once it's on. 

Mac Lipstick - Hot Gossip (£13.50)

Another Mac Lipstick, not surprising though as most of us know, whether we have used the amazing products or not, that they really are wonderful little bullets of colour. The shade I have here is 'Hot Gossip' which is a nice everyday pink with a purple tone to it. It looks really nice on the lips but you just have to be careful not to go over the top as I find that the creme sheen formula can look a little over done if they're applied too much.

Sorry that my first post has been quite long but I really am very excited to have my blog up and running now! You will defiantly be seeing much more of me on here which is very exciting! 

What are your favourite lip products for spring?