Hair | GHD's.. Are They Worth It?

GHD Red Gloss IV Styler - £99.00

When every girl is growing up, the one thing they want to do is straighten their hair. Well, this was the case for me anyway and I used to borrow my mum's straighteners and fortunately, she's always had a pair of GHD's, but because of the expense, I brought some rubbish cheap ones from argos and hoped for the best, however they just didn't make the cut. Then, my dad got a pair of GHD's off of his friend, they were bright pink and the man had only charged my dad a small amount for them. Anyway, I used them for 2 years before finding out that they were fake! They didn't do bad things for my hair at all and actually did quite a good job but I know a few people who have brought fake ghd's and the straighteners have burnt and melted their hair, so be very careful! 

I now have the red version of the GHD and I do really like it. It is the regular size and is priced at £99. But what most people may ask is, are they really worth it?

YES. In my opinion, I think that they really are. I use mine everyday however, not really for the purpose they are made for. I mostly use mine to curl my hair everyday and then I just straighten my fringe. I sometimes also straighten my hair and even though my hair is extremely straight naturally, I still like to go over it with the GHD's as I find that it makes the straightness last even throughout the weirdest of climates! 

I really would recommend the GHD's to anyone whom is thinking about purchasing them or is in the market for a new straighter because they really do last a long time (my mum has had her's since they came out and it's still going good and strong now!) and also, they really are good quality and do what they are supposed to do. I also have a few curling irons that I have brought but nothing is as good as this and for me, I wouldn't be able to live without it! 

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Do you have a pair of GHD's?


  1. I got some GHD's for my birthday, but I can't seem to curl with them! Would you maybe do a YouTube video on it? :-) x

    1. I will defiantly do that! I may do a hair routine so I will include that in that! :) x

  2. GHD's are worth the money in my opinion, you can't get a better pair!