Haul | Just a few bits..

Each week, I seem to pick up bits and bobs that I probably don't really need but still like to treat myself to! This week, these are the things that I have picked up and I thought I'd share them with you because two of them are actually quite interesting however I haven't tried any of them so this won't be any kind of review!

Pearl Drops Transform Now...Smile! (£5.10)
I have been looking around at lots of whitening products for your teeth in the past few months and have been debating whether to get the crest whitening strips. I haven't got yellow teeth but I feel as though they could be whiter and I really feel like a whiter smile makes your whole complexion look brighter. I was in boots earlier and saw this for quite a reasonable price at £5.10 and thought that it was worth trying it to see if it worked at all. I have reasonably high hopes but for the price, I'm not expecting miracles.

V05 High Volume Extra Strong Hold Hairspray (£3.05)
I did actually need some hairspray as I've been putting off curling my hair because without hairspray, the curls fall out within 5 minutes because of my stupidly straight hair! I have never tried a V05 hairspray before and normally use L'oreal Elnett or Tresemme but this hairspray was so much cheaper at £3.05 compared to the others I mentioned earlier being around £6-£8. 

Avene Redness-Relief Moisturising Protecting Emulsion (£13.50)
I picked this up on a whim whilst walking around boots as I have never noticed the Avene products in my boots as it is quite a small shop. I have been stuck in a skincare rut recently at trying to remove my acne scars but as soon as they start to get better, mother nature decides to appear and give me lots of spots which then make my skin look worse again! I have just been going in this continuous cycle and it's so annoying! I picked this up because I have quite a few scarring products that I'm currently using but not anything to combat the redness that comes with it so I'm hoping that this does the job nicely! 

Have you picked up anything nice this week?


  1. I would love to see a review on the avene redness relief moisturising protecting emulsion from you. I have seen a few of their products in boots but am always apprehensive to buy it. I have a lot of small scars on my face from acne and chicken pox, I hate them!