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The summer is often the time where we feel as though we should up our fitness levels and get bikini ready for the summer but often it can be disheartening if you don't see immediate results and also, if temptation over powers you and you dive into that chocolate fudge cake (mm..)! 

However, this summer I am determined to follow it through, I don't want to loose any weight, just tone up my inner thighs and my lower abs. I want to be able to step out in my bikini and feel confident that my thighs aren't wobbling around like a crazy person! 

Now I have found two different fitness DVD's that are both intense exercise but also interesting and exciting to do. The first one that I like to do is Tae Bo, now this is a combination of boxing and aerobics which I really like. The main instructor is named Billy Blanks and he's really good at making you want to join in with the exercises. There is also three different levels that you can choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. This makes it great for anyone to use as it caters for all stages of exercising. I find that I see results with this as well and because the sessions are only between 10-30 minutes, you don't get bored. I do own a lot of the DVD's however, you can get quite a lot of the workouts on youtube which is probably a bit better if you only want to get 'Summer Ready' however the DVD's aren't that expensive so if you want to do it more often, it's a good idea to buy them!
Where To Find? 

The second DVD workout that I like is ToneItUp.com. This is instructed by two young girls who are impeccably toned and tanned! The sessions are filmed on the beach which makes you even more determined to do the workouts. In my opinion, these aren't as interesting as the Tae Bo exercises but if you prefer a non-cheesy workout then I would choose this one, as my boyfriend thinks that the Tae Bo workout is quite cheesy and he doesn't like that aspect of it however I do so I just think that it's to personal taste really. The ToneItUp girls do more workout sessions rather than incorporating it with anything else, they're sessions are also shorter with them being between 10-20 minutes. I don't have the DVD for this one as they have their own youtube channel with 255 videos so I don't feel the need to and the DVD is £17 and can only be purchased from their own website. The good thing about their youtube channel to is that the videos are titled with what part of the body the workout will target which makes it simple. 
Where To Find? 

I'm determined to carry out this regime that I'm going to do and In the next few weeks, I'm going to be videoing and posting a few different healthy recipes for different meals of the day so keep your eyes out for that!

Are you doing any summer fitness regimes?

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