Skincare | My Favourite Spot Treatments

Since spots have started appearing on my face, I have tried so many spot-treatments on my face and have spent countless amount of money on trying to find something that will get rid of these pesky things. I have now found four treatments that I really like and feel as though they do the job so I thought I'd share them with you: 

Proactiv Refining Mask (£10.95 for 70g)
You may have noticed that this product is actually a mask however, it works wonders on getting rid of spots too. This is a clay mask so I apply this just before I go to sleep on the present spots on my face and by the morning, these are very much reduced. I do really like this product as I feel like I can feel it working as it is clay and can be seen on the face (Weird I know!). This isn't drying either which I love. I have also had this for 1 year now and even though I only have a sample size, it has lasted me this long.

Origins Super Spot Remover (£12.00 for 10ml)
This is my most recent find and probably my favourite and this is the one I use every single night. I find this little pot to do such wonders but you have to be aware that it looks tiny but you really need the littlest amount. I find that this one lasts a reasonable amount of time as I got it around February time and I have a little bit left now, however I don't see this to be a problem as it really does get rid of spots quickly! It also doesn't dry your skin out either, it just can't be applied beneath makeup, other wise it makes it peal off however it doesn't make your skin peel!

Liz Earle Spot-On (£8,75 for 6ml)
This is slightly different to the other spot treatments as this is a roller ball application and is also an oil rather than a gel or cream. This treatment seems to run out quicker than all of the rest though so I don't use it as often. This one doesn't get rid of the spot as quickly, however the thing I like about this one is that it moisturises the area so therefore you don't end up with any dry patches at all even if you use it over and over again. Another thing I like is I can use this under my makeup if I let it dry and it doesn't make it peel off!

PanOxyl 10 Aquagel (£3.85 for 50ml)
As you can see, this is much better value for money than all of the rest, however the problem is, this is for severe acne and so it is very drying but amazing if you have acne. The active ingredient in this product is Benzoyl Peroxide and it has a strength of 10%. This is very drying, however, if you use it in moderate amounts, it gets rid of the spots very quickly, leaving behind a small amount of dryness. I use this when I'm fed up of my skin and want things to go back to normal quickly and don't mind putting up with the dryness!

Do you have a favourite spot treatment that you rely on?


  1. Hi, great post. I too suffer from spots and been trying out different spot treatments. I bought the Origins spot remover the other week but haven't really been having much luck with it. How have you been using it? Would love to know.

    Robyn xx


    1. I didn't like it to start with, just persevere with it! I use it on any spots and just dab it on top and put a reasonable amount on! That's all really!

  2. I've got PanOxyl on prescription from the GP and as I'm under 19/still in education its free and seeing as you're 16 you could get it free too :)