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Right now I am too enthused in life and excited for my holiday which is very vastly approaching to write about any kind of beauty review or anything of that type so I thought I would share with you a type of rambled summary of my day along with a host of pictures. 

 It was mine and Bradley's (My boyfriend) 1 year anniversary today since we first went out and he got me a beautiful cake made! It's so lovely and it tastes delicious!
 I have got to send off my giveaway prize to the lucky winner before I go on holiday and I still haven't got round to doing it so I must do that tomorrow sometime!
 This is my organised mess of whats going in my suitcase and I'm pretty impressed on how much I've managed to cut it all down by if I'm honest! I'm going to try and vlog my day tomorrow so hopefully you'll see what's in my suitcase tomorrow sometime! 
 I popped into town for a final trip today to get some bits for holiday. Basically, I don't suit sunglasses, never have, never will and the annual trip to try and find some every year just gets worse and worse! I eventually picked up this pair from dorothy perkins for the bargain price of £4 after trawling up and down the high street with Bradley in fits of laughter at me looking highly ridiculous in each pair I tried on! I also picked up some earrings for only £1 which I really like, a NO7 Sheer Tempataion Lipstick in Excite as I had a voucher and also a mini soap and glory body wash which smells delightful! 
 For some reason, tonight, I just can't seem to find any youtube videos to entertain me which is very strange as normally, I'm in love and I can watch them for hours, but tonight, my subscription box is just feeling very boring!
My boyfriend also brought me this amazing phone case! It has an etch-a-scetch on the back with a mini pen at the top and it's just amazing! At the moment, I'm sporting this butterfly drawing that I drew earlier and a very pathetic excuse for a heart down there in the bottom corner! 

So there we have it, my day summed up into a few photos for you all. As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to attempt to vlog my entire day tomorrow, so wish me luck! I hope I succeed! 

How interesting has your day been?


  1. I love the phone case!! xx

  2. That phone case is amazing, and that cake was adorable :) xox

  3. Everything looks great <3 Love those shades & the cake too :)

    Nice blog honey :) I'm a new follower!

  4. Hi! I liked your blog, it's so cute! The real beauty-blog ^^ And you are so pretty =**
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