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I had my prom last friday (6th July) and I thought I'd do a bit of a ramble about how my day went. 

I brought my dress from a shop called Sonique in the Bull Ring, Birmingham and I absolutely love it! In the photo above, you can slightly see the whole in the back on my dress which I really liked. I also really wanted a red dress and this one was so perfect!
I also brought by jewellery from Dorothy Perkins in the sale which you will see in some pictures further down.

I did my makeup myself and I did a grey smokey eye with a nud-ish lip however I did get my hair done by my hairdresser and I absolutely loved it! I don't have a picture of the back but you may be able to see it in my prom photos youtube video that I uploaded and I will link that at the bottom of this post. 

When we got to prom, we met up with all of our friends and then went inside and if I'm totally honest, if I hadn't been with Bradley (my boyfriend) and all of our friends then I don't think I would have enjoyed it that much as the DJ we had there wasn't great and therefore the prom didn't really 'get started'. However, I still had a great time! Then afterwards, all of my group of friends went to one of my friends houses and we camped out in their back garden and we had so much fun and it really was a great night! 

I don't want to share too much with everyone because if you haven't already had your prom because you're younger than me, then I want you to see it for yourself and have all the huge expectations that I had before it! 

 My group of friends!

Me and Bradley!

Thank you for reading! 
If you've already had your prom, how was it? 


  1. You looked lovely! I love the dress!:)xox

  2. You looked beautiful! The red really suites you :) xoxo