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(Sorry about the awful iPad camera quality but I wanted to show you a normal campsite, compared to one found on google!)

So, I have been camping these past two days and I thought I would share my thoughts and experience with you all as many people can have various different opinions on camping. 

Basically, I was never a small child whom found myself camping and going to and from the toilet at 1:00am so I never really got chucked into it. However, over the past few years, my family has got more into camping and so it has become something semi-regular (this meaning two or three times a year!) that we all do! 

Sleeping (e.g - the dreaded tents!) 
Now personally, I find this possibly one of the best things about camping! I love the fact that your in a completely different environment. For example, even if you went away and stayed in a hotel, or at a friends, your still in the same situation, in a bed under a concrete roof. What I like about camping is the fact that it's a little bit of an adventure and I suspect that even though I probably would've enjoyed it more as a younger child, I do still enjoy it now. I would also just like to point out that I had an excellent sleep last night on my air bed so don't be worried about that! (Just bring your ear plugs in case of a 4am cockerel!) 

Beauty Appliances 
I know this sounds very sad but this is exactly what I thought when I first went camping - How am I going to straighten my hair?! Now, I'd say, just bring the batiste and give it some kind of try-to-bed-head-look, or get some in car straighteners. My auntie has some of these and they plug into the car and use the ignition to power them and I can truly say, they're really not that bad! I have to say though, some people really struggle without a hair dryer, I'm absolutely fine without one but I can name quite a few people that would hate the thought of soaking wet hair without being in reach of a hair dryer! 

Whenever anyone hears the word camping and toilets put together, we either think of crouching in a bush or running a 2am across a field with a torch to the toilet. Now I have to say, this is the one downfall for me, I hate having to walk across a entire field just to go to the toilet! It is a pain but it's not absolutely awful and unbearable, I cope! I try not to go in the middle of the night but lets just say it, sometimes it can't be helped! 

So, the thought of spiders in your tent or landing on your face in the middle of the night putting you off enjoying the beautiful camping atmosphere.. let me just say, the only things that seem to get in our tents are flies but thats just something that happens when you don't zip the door back up! However, the positive side of this overrides this so much because the sight of just sitting outside your tent, having a BBQ and watching the sunset is something you will not get inside your house with a chinese and X Factor! 

Overall, I would recommend camping, now I'm not an over enthusiastic camper that is happy to go for 2 weeks with millions of pairs of soggy shoes, however, I would say, that going for 2 or 3 nights is great and really helps to just get you away from it all and just relax without driving too far or paying a fortune! 

 Now I thought I'd leave you with an over-enthusiastic picture of me in our wonderful tent!

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