Nails | Gradient Glitter

I have admired many different bloggers with their attribute to amazing nail art and even though I can't draw cats, cupcakes or even neat stripes on my nails, I have actually managed to do this nail art look and I can say, I really do love it! 

The base colour that I used was N07 Stay Perfect Nail Polish in So Simple and the glitter was the polish above, Butter London in Rosie Lee. Now all I did is paint my nails with the N07 polish (I did this the day beforehand as I hate putting another colour on top and ruining it all!), then I got the butter london glitter and put a big dollop of polish on the end of my nail, wiped the brush off and then spread it down my nail until I just had a few pieces splattered around and hey presto! 

I do really like the look it gives and it was so simple! 


  1. This looks amazing! x

  2. I definitely have nail envy right now! They look really good, I love sparkles at the minute. They're really simple but look so good! I've seen Butter polishes about quite a bit now, would you recommend them? :) Followed you btw, love your posts and your layouts super cute :)

    Terri xo - littlegoldstars.blogspot.com

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