My Favourite Brushes

Brushes are the one thing that in my opinion, change the way your make up not only goes on but how well it stays on and how it benefits the way your skin looks, so to me, finding the right brushes is so important! 

One of my most used brushes is definatly the Real Techniques Buffing Brush from the Core Collection. This is perfect at buffing in foundation and has been a cult favourite on youtube and also on blogs. This brush is great for most skin types, however if you have very dry skin, I wouldn't recommend this as much as a buffing or stippling brush like this can buff into the dry patches on your skin and make them flake up. However, for the majority of people, this is fantastic at developing a really great flawless foundation base.

This is a newly founded brush and it's the Real Techniques Contour Brush which is also from the Core Collection. This is absolutely amazing for contouring your cheekbones with products such as Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel (Review). However, my main purpose for this brush is for applying my under eye concealer, I really enjoy using this as I get quite dry under eye's and this just buffs the concealer in in such a flawless way and doesn't create any dry patches for me! 

This is the brush I use to apply my blusher and It's made by a brand that is not so often talked about, Kirkland Brushes, this brand is available in Costco stores and also online in certain places. Their brushes are great quality, usually come in sets and are reasonably priced. I use quite a few brushes from this make and this is one of my favourites. It's neither too big nor too small and as it is angled, it creates a fantastic flexibility for applying blusher.

This brush is again from Kirkland Brushes and this is the brush that I use to apply my finishing powder, it's just a really nice fluffy powder brush that I love to sweep over my face at the end of my makeup routine just to finish everything off. This brush is nothing special but I like the fact that it's not scratchy on my face, nor does it shed any hairs.

Lastly are my eye brushes. First on the left is again a brush from Kirkland Brushes and it is just a simple brush for applying a swipe of colour all over the lid. I enjoy this brush but again, it is nothing too special but it does it's job and it gives a nice colour pay off. 

In the middle is a MAC 222 Brush. This is not a real MAC brush as when I first started out in makeup, I brought one of the fake MAC brush kits off of eBay and even though the face brushes were incredibly awful, the eye brushes were of a great quality and have stood me in very good stead! I love this brush and I would say it's my favourite out of every brush I own, it applies colour into the crease amazingly and just seemingly blends out the colour! I love it!  

Last on the right is a Crown Deluxe Crease Brush, I purchased this from IMATS two years ago and I still love it. It's amazing for blending out colour in the crease that I've gone slightly overboard on and it really helps to create a look. I would really recommend this brush to anyone. 

Also, some honourable mentions for beauty tools are also my beauty blender as I love applying my foundation with this also. Also, I enjoy using cosmetic pads to apply my powder throughout the day onto my skin as I find it prolongs my makeup longer this way!


  1. love the RT brushes! :) x


  2. The Buffing brush and Contour brush from RT are some of my faves. Beautiful blog you have xx