Soap & Glory Endless Glove Hand Mask

This is a peculiar product for me and like nothing I have ever tried before. What's a hand mask I hear you ask? Well, It's an extremely moisturising and very luxurious product that just makes you feel superior. 

I got this for christmas in a set along with Hand Food (which is a well known favourite of mine!) a nail file and a pair of night gloves. I think it was around £16 from boots in part of their christmas sets. This product interested me the most out of the set as you apply this and then put the gloves on for an overnight treatment. 

I have eczema on some of my fingers and I usually have to use prescribed cream from the doctors but being able to use this a few times a week has been great as it not only has fixed the eczema but also made everything else super moisturised!  

I do love the infamous Hand Food as well and I would recommend to use these as a pair, to have the Hand Food in your bag and keep this for a lovely overnight treatment as with the two of them, you'll never have dry hands again!


  1. I have hand food and I love it, I use a boots one atm though because i'm getting so obsessed with soap and glory. needed to change it up a bit! xx

  2. I love the hand food and may have to try this ! X

  3. love the sound of this :) do they sell it seperately? x