Start of Spring: OOTD

 I really enjoyed wearing this outfit yesterday and thought I'd show you all! It was the first day in England where it has actually felt like spring so here goes!

Top: Topshop
Trousers: Topshop
Coat: Topshop
Scarf: Vintage Store
Shoes: Jack Wills
Blazer (Can't be seen): MissGuided

I also wore MUA's Lipstick in Shade 7 on my lips! 


Dry Skin Saviours!

Over the past few months, my skin has become incredibly dry and sensitive and it has not been fun, so I'm here to show you two products that have really saved my skin recently!

The first is Lush's Ultrabland Facial Cleanser - This is an oil-based cleanser that is of a yellow balm texture with a pretty horrendous smell! I tend to remove my makeup beforehand so that I get a deeper cleanse but I know some people let this product remove their make up as well as cleanse their skin. The purpose of the product is to even out your skin and to make all areas the same, for example, for everywhere to be of a normal texture, rather than the cheeks being dry and the nose and forehead being oily. I've found that this is exactly what I've been searching after and this has truly helped my skin immensely, especially in conjunction with the next product. 

This is Lush's Celestial Facial Moisturiser - Firstly, this product is the best smelling beauty item ever! It smells like vanilla yogurts and it is absolutely gorgeous! Besides the smell, the moisturiser actually does a great job as well, however, I would definatly say that this is not one for you oily skinned gals out their as it is very thick and even I find it is still on the skin a few hours after it has been applied. The product was also developed for sensitive skin, which is exactly what I have so this is perfect. 

I would very much recommend these two products if you have dry skin as they work great together. With the cleanser, I would also recommend it to any skin type as I know girls with oily acne-prone skin that have used this and love it! 


Savvy Savings: Foundation Samples

Today I thought I'd share with you something that I find very helpful when on a tight budget but want to still try and test the latest makeup! 

As of late, I've been having trouble finding the perfect foundation for my skin type and it has been increasingly difficult to find that flawless base. Therefore, I don't want to be forking out £20 every time I'd like to try something new, for it to just disappoint me! 

That's where I've discovered, samples! I've been going up to high end beauty counters and asking for samples of the foundation that I'd like to try, this is great as it's free! However, I know a lot of people get very cautious around asking for samples from a counter as some of the staff can be a bit snobby, now I have found this a couple of times but at the end of the day, it's their job and you are aloud to ask for a sample, it's normal! 

Up above, in my oh-so-glamourous photograph, I've got (from left to right) Mac Mineralise Moisture Foundation, Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation and Chanel Vitalumie Foundation. As the majority of you will know, these foundations are on the pricier side, so this is great that you can trial them for free! I've also found that I only like two out of the three and therefore, it was important for me to have gotten these samples.

This is also great if it's the end of the month and you've got a few days before you get paid because as I said above, you can still try and test the latest make up but for free! 


Fortnight In Photos

me and bradley on the beach; me and my beautiful mum; my two gorgeous cousins; all of us in the car; me and bradley in london next to the london eye; mr bradley in hamleys; us in our hotel room; us on holiday; the london sea life centre; bradley on the bridge; our first pinkberry; bradley on our nice country walk.

These past two weeks, there's been a lot going on in my life! Last week (from 30th March to 6th April) we went on holiday down to the New Forest with all of my family and Bradley. There's a massive group of us and it's always so fun! Then earlier this week (Monday 8th April - Tuesday 9th April) Me and Bradley took a romantic trip down to London for two days, it was lovely! Then finally, we've had a chill out for the rest of the week and we took a beautiful country walk yesterday down by where we live. 


Philosophy The Present Primer

Primer has always been a makeup essential for me, unlike most other people, who only use it on important occasions.

The Present by Philosophy is a thick white cream that feels quite tacky when it first sinks into the skin. It is recommended that it is left for two minutes before you apply your foundation or other skin make up. This does seem to work and I use this tip every morning when using this product. 

As this primer is very tacky and quite heavy duty, I have found that out of every primer I've ever tried, this one prolongs the wear of makeup the most. However, I don't feel as if it combats oil like some other products do, although this isn't a problem for me as my skin is relatively dry. 

On that, I don't find that this product worsens my dry skin at all and it doesn't cling to any dry patches. I feel as though the product glides over the skin, minimising any dry patches and also, reducing any redness or pigmentation in the skin, creating the perfect base for the rest of the face makeup.  

Overall, this is a fantastic product and one in which I would highly recommend. I have repurchased this, showing just how amazing it is. It is £22 from Boots and the product contains 60ml.