Dry Skin Saviours!

Over the past few months, my skin has become incredibly dry and sensitive and it has not been fun, so I'm here to show you two products that have really saved my skin recently!

The first is Lush's Ultrabland Facial Cleanser - This is an oil-based cleanser that is of a yellow balm texture with a pretty horrendous smell! I tend to remove my makeup beforehand so that I get a deeper cleanse but I know some people let this product remove their make up as well as cleanse their skin. The purpose of the product is to even out your skin and to make all areas the same, for example, for everywhere to be of a normal texture, rather than the cheeks being dry and the nose and forehead being oily. I've found that this is exactly what I've been searching after and this has truly helped my skin immensely, especially in conjunction with the next product. 

This is Lush's Celestial Facial Moisturiser - Firstly, this product is the best smelling beauty item ever! It smells like vanilla yogurts and it is absolutely gorgeous! Besides the smell, the moisturiser actually does a great job as well, however, I would definatly say that this is not one for you oily skinned gals out their as it is very thick and even I find it is still on the skin a few hours after it has been applied. The product was also developed for sensitive skin, which is exactly what I have so this is perfect. 

I would very much recommend these two products if you have dry skin as they work great together. With the cleanser, I would also recommend it to any skin type as I know girls with oily acne-prone skin that have used this and love it! 


  1. These sound amazing! Might try these soon !


  2. i got ultrabland because of you!;) after i watched that haul you done, i went out and brought topshop joni jeans, the loreal miccelar water, lush ultrabland and i was going to get celestial but i got lush skin drink instead which i looooove! its even more hydrating apparentely (thats what the lady said anyway)xxx

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