Philosophy The Present Primer

Primer has always been a makeup essential for me, unlike most other people, who only use it on important occasions.

The Present by Philosophy is a thick white cream that feels quite tacky when it first sinks into the skin. It is recommended that it is left for two minutes before you apply your foundation or other skin make up. This does seem to work and I use this tip every morning when using this product. 

As this primer is very tacky and quite heavy duty, I have found that out of every primer I've ever tried, this one prolongs the wear of makeup the most. However, I don't feel as if it combats oil like some other products do, although this isn't a problem for me as my skin is relatively dry. 

On that, I don't find that this product worsens my dry skin at all and it doesn't cling to any dry patches. I feel as though the product glides over the skin, minimising any dry patches and also, reducing any redness or pigmentation in the skin, creating the perfect base for the rest of the face makeup.  

Overall, this is a fantastic product and one in which I would highly recommend. I have repurchased this, showing just how amazing it is. It is £22 from Boots and the product contains 60ml.


  1. This sounds good, but I wish it helped with oily skin. Great review :)xo