Ready For Christmas: Party Dresses!?

I have come to a conclusion that being prepared is the best solution to everything so today I have a few different party dresses that I think would be amazing for the Christmas Party Season. They are all from misguided but I am not affiliated with them in anyway, I just love their dresses!

Solaine Sequin Embellished Chiffon Mini Dress - £44.99

I love this dress, I think the mix of the bodycon skirt with the chiffon top is really nice and balances the dress out. I love the sparkle and glitz of the dress and this is a recurring theme for the rest of the dresses! I also love the fact that this dress is cream as when you get some fake tan on, it looks really flattering!

Rhoa Brocade Sequin Detail Contrast Skater Dress In Black - £44.99

I feel as though this dress is less dressy than the rest of the ones I have chosen as the plain black skater skirt style tones it down, so maybe if you are going for a meal out, this one may be more appropriate! I like the long sleeves on this dress and also the gold detailing, I think it's super pretty! 

Marcela Keyhole Bodycon Sequin Mini Dress In Burgundy - £39.99

This dress is pretty risqué compared to the others I have chosen, however I do think the keyhole detail adds a lot to the design of the dress. On the other hand, it does need to be accessorised correctly as this dress could look like a walking porn show if you're not careful, especially as it is quite short as well! I'd defiantly say this one isn't for the faint hearted!

Bronka Jacquard Sequin Embellished Shift Dress In Gold - £54.99

This dress is the most expensive out of the four I have chosen but unfortunately it is actually my favourite! I love the sequin detail on the dress and how it is so glitzy but it is a neutral colour! I am thinking about picking this dress up for my Work's Christmas Party this year so I will let you know!