Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water

Oh just another trying-to-be-bioderma product is what most people seem to think whenever they hear about a new Miceller water launch. With the L'oreal one creating mixed opinions everywhere I think the launch of Garnier's counterpart was much needed, especially because it's results are far superior to that of L'oreal. 

The Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water retails for £4.99 with a few Savers stores selling it for a barginous £2.99. The water is a very lightweight formula but with maximum removing power with it even wiping off the remains of waterproof mascara and eyeliner! It even puts up a fight with removing the Benefit They're Real Mascara which is an absolute pain to remove. I find this Miceller water doesn't just smear your makeup everywhere like the L'oreal one, it actually removes it and leaves your face feeling very smooth and fresh. It doesn't leave my face feeling tight or dehydrated either which is something that I've found with a lot of Miceller waters. Another thing that makes this amazing is the size, it's 400ml which is double the size of the L'oreal one for exactly the same price and with the L'oreal dispensing far too much product, it makes Garnier's a winner in every category! 
Surprisingly I have never actually used the infamous Bioderma itself but I have heard this compares very well to it and I think it is a very good makeup remover and a quick all round cleanser anyway! 

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  1. I'm really looking forward to trying this if I pick it up! Looks great! X