A Hair Growth Product That Finally Works!

Main 'n' Tail was created for horses when someone realised that it actually has fantastic benefits for human hair and most interestingly, featured ingredients that made human hair grow faster! I was intrigued by this product for a while before I eventually snapped it up on Amazon for just £7.95 - Link

I have used both the shampoo and conditioner for a couple of months now and I have to say, they have definelty made my hair grow quicker than it ever has before. Now we're not talking Rapunzel-esque locks here but I'd say its grown a couple of inches more than it normally would have in that specific time period. I noticed it not long after using these as well which is great as I hate having to wait to see results when using a product. 

Both the Shampoo and Conditioner don't have that much of a scent to them, it's quite a normal smell and not offensive at all. The products also nourished my hair very well and made my hair look a lot healthier than it had been in previous months. Something to mention however is that these products didn't provide any volume to my hair and after using them for a few months my hair felt quite heavy and weighed down. However, one use of a build-up removal shampoo and all was absolutely fine. 

Overall I would recommend this Shampoo and Conditioner, especially as it is extremely affordable and makes the process of hair growth speed up. So for anyone looking to grow their hair past that certain length, these are most defiantly for you! 


Project Life

I am aware that anybody and everybody that has ever come across the name Lily Pebbles has now started their own Project Life album, or thats how it seems! Project Life is a way of scrapbooking that makes it a bit easier for beginners or people who don't have the time in their everyday lives to cut and stick every little part that a scrapbook involves. 

When I was younger I was very creative, I made greeting cards that I used to sell, I made handmade jewellery that I sold on Etsy and I also dabbled in some scrapbooking but as I got around the ages of 15-16 I decided that it wasn't quite cool anymore and stopped, so I do have quite a bit of experience in whole craft making world! 

I started Project Life in the new year after Lily Pebbles mentioned it in a video and the entire idea went viral! I like the idea of Project Life because of it's photo dividers. They are clear plastic sheets which are divided into different sized pockets for different sized photos and I like this as there is a structure to the album. However, I do still embellish my scrapbook and I also journal in it as well as I have the time and I really enjoy doing this, for me just printing pictures off and putting those in would be boring! 

Since deciding to start a Project Life album, I have shed out quite a large amount of money buying all of the bits and pieces to fill my scrapbook. I ordered the Project Life Binder in the Blush Edition - LinkThe Core Kit in Midnight Edition - Link and The Page Protectors in Pack 2 - Link. I then dangerously went into Hobbycraft a few days later and saw more things I wanted for my Project Life scrapbook and brought another Core Kit in Blush and a few embellishments for my scrapbook! Now I have been meaning to return the Midnight Core Kit that I originally bought because I most definitely do not need two but I just haven't got round to it! 

eBay is also amazing to pick up bits to embellish scrapbooks with as well as also purchasing backing papers, washi tape, lettering and more project life accessories!

I wanted to start a series on my blog now that I am back into writing on here about my Project Life album, maybe sharing my tips or what I've done in my scrapbook recently maybe? If any of you could let me know whether thats something you'd like then I'd really appreciate it because I absolutely love doing it! 


Benefit Puff Off

Since moving to Manchester nearly four months ago to start Uni life, I have drank a lot, still been awake at six in the morning on multiple occasions and all in all in between actually doing some work, not had that much sleep so when this new release from Benefit landed on my door step I was very intrigued.

Benefit 'Puff Off' has been created to smooth the look of undereye puffies with their custom ironing tip instantly smoothing the look of the bags and fine lines. The ironing tip gives a cooling effect on contact with the skin which is very welcoming in the early mornings after having not so much sleep! 

Also can we just talk about the packaging?! It's absolutely adorable and very handbag friendly too! The Puff Off product can be used either in the morning to refresh tired eyes and help smooth away the appearance of fine lines and also reduce the look of the puffy eye syndrome most of us wake up with, or it can be used throughout the day on top of makeup to revitalise your undereyes. I think this is a great idea as as the day goes on, my concealer tends to set in my fine lines and just by smoothing this over it fixes the problem. I would say though if you are planning on applying this over makeup I would pat the product in with your fingers rather than use the iron applicator as I have found that on some occasions the applicator can drag and pull the make up.

The iron applicator is the main point of this product and it is more than just a gimmick. I find that with the tip being shaped like this, it means it fits perfectly in the eye area and is neither too big or too small as I find that some applicators like this are just too big to fit in the area! The main thing however that I like about the applicator is the cooling effect it has on the eyes as in the mornings this is a lovely treat! 

Benefit's Puff Off will be released on 31st January 2015 and will retail at £22.50. 

This product was sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid for this placement.