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I am aware that anybody and everybody that has ever come across the name Lily Pebbles has now started their own Project Life album, or thats how it seems! Project Life is a way of scrapbooking that makes it a bit easier for beginners or people who don't have the time in their everyday lives to cut and stick every little part that a scrapbook involves. 

When I was younger I was very creative, I made greeting cards that I used to sell, I made handmade jewellery that I sold on Etsy and I also dabbled in some scrapbooking but as I got around the ages of 15-16 I decided that it wasn't quite cool anymore and stopped, so I do have quite a bit of experience in whole craft making world! 

I started Project Life in the new year after Lily Pebbles mentioned it in a video and the entire idea went viral! I like the idea of Project Life because of it's photo dividers. They are clear plastic sheets which are divided into different sized pockets for different sized photos and I like this as there is a structure to the album. However, I do still embellish my scrapbook and I also journal in it as well as I have the time and I really enjoy doing this, for me just printing pictures off and putting those in would be boring! 

Since deciding to start a Project Life album, I have shed out quite a large amount of money buying all of the bits and pieces to fill my scrapbook. I ordered the Project Life Binder in the Blush Edition - LinkThe Core Kit in Midnight Edition - Link and The Page Protectors in Pack 2 - Link. I then dangerously went into Hobbycraft a few days later and saw more things I wanted for my Project Life scrapbook and brought another Core Kit in Blush and a few embellishments for my scrapbook! Now I have been meaning to return the Midnight Core Kit that I originally bought because I most definitely do not need two but I just haven't got round to it! 

eBay is also amazing to pick up bits to embellish scrapbooks with as well as also purchasing backing papers, washi tape, lettering and more project life accessories!

I wanted to start a series on my blog now that I am back into writing on here about my Project Life album, maybe sharing my tips or what I've done in my scrapbook recently maybe? If any of you could let me know whether thats something you'd like then I'd really appreciate it because I absolutely love doing it! 

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