Jo Malone Body Cremes

At £50 a pop, a lot of people will question as to whether these body butters are worth it and I am one of those people. I've never purchased one of the body cremes myself, I have only ever been gifted them by family members however I do think they make a fantastic gift of luxury treat for yourself! 

Pomegranate Noir
This is my absolute favourite scent that Jo Malone make, I have the cologne of this scent too. Jo Malone describe this scent as 'Dark and Enigmatic' and I totally agree with this, its a very rich and sexy scent which could be over powering to some. I adore applying this before going out in the evening for a meal, drinks or a night out because the smell just lingers for such a long time! I can still smell this hours after I have applied it and I think that this lasts for nearly as long as the colognes. 

Nectarine Blossom & Honey
This was my first Jo Malone product and I had actually never smelt this scent before however I do really like it. This one is something that I'm more likely to wear on a daily basis as it has a very sweet and innocent scent. Jo Malone describe this as being 'Sweet and playful like Covent Garden's early morning market' which shows that it is a lot more wearable in the daytime compared to pomegranate noir.

The body cremes have such a luxurious feel to them from the glass jars they are contained in to the beautiful thick texture of the creme. They massage into the skin so well and keep my skin moisturised for such a long time! 

I would buy one of these just for the scent if I'm honest because the smell is so potent from them as well as lasting for such a long time on the skin!

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