Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten

I've never really looked into Laura Geller or tried much from the brand so when I received the Laura Geller Baked Beauty 101 set for Christmas, I was really excited to try the different products included in the set. I loved everything included in the set but I especially fell in love with the blusher that was included called Pink Grapefruit. 

Laura Geller says that The Blush-n-Brighten creates a gorgeous flush and it's also paraben-free so great for you sensitive skin girls out there! 

After receiving the small size of the blush in Pink Grapefruit, I decided to purchase another shade from the brand in the colour Rosebery. 

Pink Grapefruit is described by the brand as having rich tones of beige, mauve and shimmering pink which I agree with. It really gives such a brightening look to the face and and goes with so many make-up looks. 

Roseberry has soft tones of rose and a touch of gold, which looks beautiful as an all year round type of blush. This is more pink toned whereas pink grapefruit is more berry toned, differing from their names! 

Overall these blushes are very beautiful and apply so well on top of my foundation, they're so easy to blend and look beautiful on the skin. Out of the two, I'd have to say Pink Grapefruit is my favourite but I do love the both of them.

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  1. I find them easy to blend aswell and yes, they indeed look beautiful on my skin too. If you want some more tips, I have a few of my blush favorites here too.