Quote Wall

One of my favourite parts of my uni room has to be my quote wall. I love how pretty it looks  and I love waking up to it in the mornings! I designed some of these quotes myself and I also bought some of them on Etsy. 

Before moving into my new house, I designed a few different quotes that I could put on a wall in my new room, I made the 'I Don't Have Dreams I Have Goals' 'You Got This' and 'Do Small Things With Great Love' quotes. They weren't difficult to do, I just downloaded some fonts that I liked off of dafont.com and played around with them until they looked right! I then purchased some printable quotes off of Etsy which was great as they were so accessible as I could easily and quickly print them off. The quote in the centre of my wall is one that Bradley bought me for my birthday and I love it. I love the meaning behind all of the quotes on my wall as they all make me feel very motivated for the day! 

A lot of you also always ask me how I stick things onto my walls in my uni house as you're not allowed to leave marks on the walls when you move out and I use command hooks/strips. For these frames I used the strips which you stick to the back of the frame and press onto the wall. If these are removed correctly then 99% of the time they don't leave marks on the wall so they are great for university halls or any rented accommodation. 

I love home decor and wanted to share with you my favourite of my room! 


  1. wall is lovely!
    I loved it in your vlogs always!!!!

    I also have a motivational wall.. I did a blogpost on it as well...http://kainaatbaloch.blogspot.com/2015/09/diy-motivational-wall.html


  2. Absolutely love this idea, and am in the middle of creating one on my bedroom wall at home! I have just started writing my own blog and would love if you would check it out :)


  3. Love this! You mentioned you designed some of the quotes yourself- how did you do this and did you then just print them out?