Sticker Crazy

I am a bit of a stationary geek and around the end of 2015, I started to get really into planning my weeks out and using stickers to do this. The 'Planning Community' is one that many people don't know about or think is kinda strange but it's full of stationary, organising, planning and stickers (search for 'Plan With Me' videos on YouTube to get a feel for what I'm talking about). 

After finding the planning community on youtube, I delved into the world of Etsy to find lots of customisable planners and stickers to decorate those planners with! I purchased a planner from PlumPaperDesigns on Etsy however it is yet to arrive. After buying a planner, I decided to start browsing for stickers that would enable me to make my planner look pretty as well as very organised! 

I bought stickers from two different shops on easy, Plan With Jade and Stickel Co. and I was very impressed with the stickers I received from both of these shops. I got some headings stickers to pop at the top of every day in the planner to help me organise things I need 'To Do' or 'To Buy'. I then bought some to-do stickers with little check boxes on the side as I find checking off tasks very satisfying! I also picked up some stickers to fill up the plain boxes in my planner which will make it look very pretty and decorative! 

I was also sent a set of stickers from Pipsticks which is a subscription service for sticker lovers (I know, cool right?!) and there was lots of cute stickers in this pack such as emoji stickers and there was also little quote cards in there too which was a nice added touch! I love this idea as I absolutely love stickers and stationary and would love one of these subscriptions through the post every month. 

I know it's a little bit sad how many stickers I've bought but they're just so pretty and I can't wait to start organising them when my planner arrives! 

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