Most Popular Concealer Ever?

This concealer has been raved about to a ridiculous level over the past year or so. Every single person and their dog has tried the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and there is so much hype surrounding this product. 

I had wanted to try this for months and I finally got it as a lovely present from my grandma for christmas this year. I have been using it ever since and I love the formula, it is very creamy like the name suggests and blends in beautifully to the skin. I have the same vanilla too and it is such a perfect colour match! 

However, I am not fully impressed as I have had this for just a month and a half and the concealer already feels empty, I haven't even used it everyday! It is actually ridiculous how little product there is left in the tube and I'm starting to think as to whether I have a dodgy one because its just ran out so quickly. There isn't much that come out on the doe-foot applicator and thinking back, even when I first got it, there wasn't much product on the applicator even then! I like a fair bit of concealer both underneath my eyes and on my blemishes and so this just doesn't suffice for me.

I had the Make-Up Forever Full Cover concealer a few months ago and that lasted me for an entire year, so I think I will be repurchasing that one instead of this! 

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  1. First of all, so glad you posted it. Been uhm-ing and ahh-ing over it for ages now but knowing I'd be spending that much on such a small amount of product doesn't feel right for the bargain hunter within me (#foreverastudent)
    Secondly, I saw some of your tweets & I hope you're ok <3 sometimes we have down days or down weeks where things get to us and things upset us and stress us out & they absolutely suck. I hope you feel better soon & keep going. You're one of my favourite youtubers & I think you're so down to earth and such a lovely person!
    I know you said some people were mentioning about you moaning - whaaat? There are many people I see online who take things for granted and moan out of arrogance and you are certainly not that. I find you refreshingly real and honest & love watching you. And people haven't seen moaning 'til they meet me :')
    (Sorry I wasn't sure where else to put this but thought I'd sent it anyway :) )