April Goals

In this post I thought I'd talk about my April goals, I've been reading posts like this over on my friend Paige's blog (Link here) and so I thought that I would do a similar post myself! 

Study hard for my exams
My first goal is to study and revise a lot for my end of year exams that start in May! Last year, by the time exams had come around, I had already decided that I was changing my university degree and so my exams didn't matter to me. I didn't revise for them and didn't study because I didn't have to! Whereas this year, I really want to do well! I have managed to get high firsts in every assignment I have completed so far in my degree and I don't want to let that slip when the exams come around at all! 

Become more innovative with YouTube & Blogging
At the moment I feel as though my videos are the same as everything else on the internet and that I don't know how to differentiate myself! As the summer rolls in, I definitely want to start spending more time on my videos and putting more effort into them. I really want to grow my channel and at the moment, it's not really going anywhere with the content I'm producing. I also feel the same about my blog, however with here, I just want to get into the swing of posting and not just writing reviews! 

Get fit for summer
For months now I've been saying that I'm going to start healthy eating and exercising, I even bought the exercise clothes, but I just haven't done it! Things keep getting in the way and I've been quite ill a few times too. After easter is done, I really want to try to loose a bit of weight and tone up! I'm going on holiday with Bradley on 29th June and I want to be looking good for then. 

Spend more time offline
At the moment I find myself spending every spare moment online, whether that's on my phone or laptop, I'm constantly online. I really want to bring myself back from that and start to appreciate whats in front of me rather than what people are writing on Facebook or Twitter. I want to start reading my Kindle before bed rather than scrolling through social media and by summer I would really like to be in a routine of this. 

Save some money
My last goal is to save some money! At the moment I seem to save a little bit of money and then a huge outcome that I had forgot about just comes out of my bank account and then I'm left with no money again! I just really want to save a bit with summer coming up and going on holiday. With exams coming up this shouldn't be too hard as I won't really be doing too much, well I can hope anyway! 

What are your goals for April?! 

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  1. Our goals are exactly the same, apart from the exams one! I just dropped out of uni cause I hated the course etc - kind of how you were feeling last year (I've been following you for a long time!). My goal for May is to sort my life out, look at jobs and experience and hopefully stop feeling so poo!