Collection Contour Kit | Highlight & Sculpt

I popped into Superdrug recently and browsed the isles for anything new that caught my eye and this Contour Kit from Collection was on sale for £2.99 and so I had to give it a go! In fact a lot of the Collection range was on a promotional sale when I went in so definitely go and take a look at any of the bargains available. 

This contour kit comes in one shade and has a lovely neutral contour shade, not too warm nor too cool and also a very pretty highlight shade, slightly on the more cool side. 

I firstly used this in my Haul/First Impressions video (Here) on my youtube channel and fell in love with it as soon as I used it! The contour shade is unlike any that I own as it is a real neutral shade with it not being too cool as I find that most contour shades, to eliminate being a bronzer, end up really cool and ashy on the skin and it's not a good look! The highlight is also lovely but I find that the contour shade is what sells this to me! 


  1. I love that your getting into blogging more, I really missed your posts before! This looks so good, I need to give this a try. I reviewed a MUA highlight product today over on my blog, which is surprisingly very good.


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