Top 5 Holiday Reads

Reading is my number one favourite thing to do on a beach holiday, I rarely find the time to read in my everyday life and so when summer comes, I jump at the chance. I was gifted a kindle by my mum and step-dad two years ago and I'm so glad I have one of these now because it is so handy! I used to be one of those people who would take 9 books in my suitcase for a week away and it took up half of my luggage allowance (Then there was less room for makeup and that is not okay..) so having a Kindle makes reading abroad so much easier for me!

I've found some amazing books over the past few weeks and so I thought I'd share them with you in case you wanted some new summer rom-com books to read! 


I have recently discovered that Debbie Johnson is one of my favourite authors when it comes to a good romantic comedy and this one did not disappoint, it is probably my favourite of the five! The story is set around a family where the husband leaves (Don't worry, you find this out within the first few paragraphs!) and the family retreat to a holiday in Turkey. It is such a heart warming story with so much love, reality and laughs within it! It is one that I would very much recommend to all you ladies.

 PIPPA'S CORNISH DREAM - Debbie Johnson 
Another one by Debbie Johnson is Pippa's Cornish Dream, this book is great too however it is a shorter story than the first one mentioned! This book is a great story set on a farm in the countryside where Pippa meets Ben Retallick. The story has lots of ups and downs to it and a good back story to the characters too. Again, it's a rom-com! 

I want to gush about all of these books because they are just so bloody brilliant but this one had me teary by the end as it is such a feel good novel! Weddings are a huge theme in this book and as weddings are something that I adore reading about, this only made me love it even more! The characters are people that I could really connect with and again it has a countryside theme to it. 

Here she is again, good ol' Johnson! I loved this book SO much! The story was different to anything that I'd read before and not a typical romance novel. Debbie's novels normally have children at the centre of the stories and this one is no different with the story involving Nate and Lizzie, Laura's two children being very involved in the way the novel pans out. Again this is a story set in the countryside (I'm feeling a theme here..), with the family uprooting from Manchester to Dorset for the summer.
YOU AND ME ALWAYS - Jill Mansell 
This book was at the top of the Amazon Kindle charts every time I have looked over the past month and so if that doesn't tell you it's a great book then I'm not sure what will! The story takes lots of different twists and turns with there being a good laugh and a cry in this book (What every good rom-com needs!) and I love it. The main character, Lily is great and is a character that I really felt for. My only slight issue with this novel is that the ending was rushed in my opinion, but I loved the story overall so don't let that put you off! 

Will you be buying or downloading any of these novels for your holidays this year? 


Mykonos Holiday

Myself and my boyfriend Bradley have just returned home from a week of absolute bliss in the greek island of Mykonos! We had the most perfect time, the weather was gorgeous (we saw two clouds all week!), the hotel was beautiful, the company was amazing and the island is breath taking!

The holiday weekly vlog from our week away has just gone up on my channel (Here) but I thought I would also share some of my favourite photos from our week away here. 

The view from our hotel room

Eating our favourite meal of the week, veal with sweet potato mash (It was so dreamy)

Little Venice as the sun was setting 

One of my favourite photos of us with the view from our hotel behind us! 

The beautiful Mykonos streets, every street was like this

Drinking Mojitos on the holiday was a daily occurrence!

I love this photo that Bradley took of me whilst I was taking a selfie!

Our first night on holiday where we ate on the sea front, the waves even splashed our feet!

The sea was so clear which was amazing

Another Mojito... 

Eating the most amazing fresh doughnuts on the beach

And finally, having the most amazing week away with my best friend. 

I hope you guys enjoyed having a little peak into our holiday adventures, if you want to see some more pictures then be sure to check out both mine and Bradley's Instagrams down below! 

Bradley's Instagram: www.instagram.com/BCummings96