eBay is one of my favourite places to shop for ‘bits and bobs’ as there are so many bargains to be had and quirky things to buy. I’ve found some absolute gems on there throughout the years and thought I’d share some of these below as well as some new finds that I will be ordering up too! 

Makeup Phone Cases - (White) - £4.79 (Clear - £1.55) 
Who doesn’t love a new phone case and I love both of these as they look much more expensive than they are! I buy all of my phone cases on eBay as I love changing them up all the time however never want to spend a fortune on one. 
Buy Here: https://bit.ly/2pFtx5H

Marble Kilner Jars - £7.50 
These are SO gorgeous! They would look amazing on a dressing table and even in other areas of the house like the bathroom. I love the fact they have been up cycled too! 
Buy Here: https://bit.ly/2GuW9s3

Personalised Mirror - £5.99 
This is probably my favourite of all the things on this list as I think it’s so cute and would also make a great gift! The price is amazing for it being personalised too, I may be ordering up one of these for myself! 
Buy Here: https://bit.ly/2Gvl3HW

Large Soft Makeup Brush - £1.67 
 I LOVE eBay for makeup brushes. My first set of makeup brushes were from eBay and they were a large set of fake MAC brushes and I still use some of the eye brushes to this day. I thought this individual brush looked great for the money and looks really nice and soft and I also loved this set of marble brushes, I’ve purchased many sets very similar to this in the past and love them. 
Buy Here: https://bit.ly/2ujZXYa and https://bit.ly/2IRLk1G

Jade Facial Roller - £3.49 
 I’ve literally just ordered one of these as we speak as I’ve never used one of these before however I’ve heard amazing things about facial massaging! 
Buy Here: https://bit.ly/2I3owuu

Etude House Hair Band - £5.79 
 How cute is this?! I can just imagine scraping my hair back with this whilst putting on my makeup or skincare! This is also from Etude House so is a credible brand which is fab!
 Buy Here: https://bit.ly/2pJFuXd

Brush Cleaner Mat - £4.09 
 This is such a rip off of the Sigma version however this is SO much cheaper! I really want to give the large version of this a go as I’ve tried the small one before which I love! I find it helps save my hands when cleaning my makeup brushes majorly! 
Buy Here: https://bit.ly/2ulyV2S

Marble Makeup Case - £19.99 
This is the most expensive item on this list however it is so pretty. If you don’t have an excessive amount of makeup (like me…) then this would be perfect for housing your daily collection in! This also comes in rose gold too which I think is equally as gorgeous. 
Buy Here: https://bit.ly/2GtYV0M

Hope you’ve enjoyed this eBay post! They’re some of my favourite blog posts to read so do let me know if you’d like me to do more!