The BEST Bikini Purchase

Finding the right bikini or swimsuit for you can be SO difficult, especially when there is so much pressure of looking and feeling 'bikini ready'. I have a few oldies but goodies that I pull out every year that have always served me well, a white broderie H&M bikini and a nautical red Topshop number come to mind. 

Whenever I'm not feeling quite ready to face wearing a bikini I always think that wearing a swimsuit will be a better option and for me, in the UK it normally is. Every Easter we go away to the New Forest for a week and will normally be in the pool or hot tub and I'll always wear a swimsuit. However, when I'm on my summer holidays abroad, I never want to wear a swimsuit - I always find them too hot, uncomfortable and end up wearing it a maximum of once! There is a lovely one I've seen on asos recently though (Link Here) which I'm so tempted to purchase however I just don't know whether I'll wear it. 

One swimwear purchase that has been very successful though is the Nasty Gal bikini set featured in the above image. I absolutely LOVE it and it is SO flattering. The colours are so bright and vibrant that they just pop and the bottoms a high leg cut which is the dream. It's currently my new favourite purchase and I can't wait to wear it on my holidays! They also have it in two other colour-ways which is so very tempting. 

Have you found any swimwear gems this year so far?! Do you prefer a bikini or a swimsuit?


Day In The Life - boohoo PR Intern

I've just stumbled across this draft in my blogging workspace and even though I've now finished my placement year at boohoo, I just had to share it as I've loved re-reading this myself. I'm incredibly sad to have left my job at boohoo now and even though it's lovely having some more free time - London and the world of PR still has my heart and I already can't wait to be back working full time in London when I graduate next year. I will be uploading an entire YouTube video on my placement and living in London over the next few months however for now enjoy the day in the life of a boohoo PR Intern...

6am – I’m a morning person so when my Amazon Alexa alarm goes off at 6am, as much as I don’t want to get up, I wake up, make my bed, get changed into my fitness gear and head into my living room to start my morning workout. I will either follow one of my Mum’s HIIT workouts (Link Here) or follow a Fat Burning workout on YouTube for 30 minutes. 

6:30am – I jump into the shower and get ready for the day! I do my makeup whilst watching Good Morning Britain, head to dry and style my hair and then make my breakfast. I normally make something like Scrambled Eggs with spinach, Porridge or a Smoothie for breakfast. 

8:10am – I leave my flat and commence on the 30 second walk to the tube station (I know it’s dreamy!) and hop on the tube to work, this takes around 30 minutes so I read my kindle for the majority of the journey and just pray I get a seat otherwise I spend my commute in someones armpit… 

9am – Once I get into the office I pop my lunch and snacks in the fridge and sit down at my desk to start my day. I take a look at my diary and make a to-do list for the day as this helps me to prioritise my workload! 

10am – On a Monday we receive all the weekend newspapers into the office and on a Tuesday we receive the weeks magazines so around this time I will flick through these and check for any coverage of boohoo or Nasty Gal and mark any missed opportunities. This is one of my favourite parts of the job, I love looking through all the magazines and seeing features that we have secured as a team! 

12pm – Around this time I start to get really hungry however I try to hold out until 12:30pm until I eat my lunch! Throughout the morning I will have been completing call in requests that have been sent in from magazines, stylists and influencers as well as creating media alerts for both brands. For this I choose the best product for a particular category such as Festival or Swimwear and pull together images and information to send out to members of UK press. 

1:30pm – I normally head out for my lunch around 1:30/2pm and I work in the best area for lunch breaks! I work just off of Carnaby Street so I normally take a walk either down Oxford Street, Regent Street or down to Piccadilly/Leicester Square. I love walking around this area just to get some fresh air and get out of the office environment for a bit especially as it’s getting warmer now too! I will normally give my Mum a ring on my lunch break and we have a chat about how our days are going. There are SO many amazing shops around this area which isn’t great for my bank account however I mostly window shop on my lunch breaks and try not to impulse buy!

3pm – Throughout the afternoon I carry on with my to-do list and will normally be asked to support one of my colleagues on an upcoming project so I may also be helping on this. When working in PR we also get lots of returns from publications as 80% of the products we send out gets returned to us and so I have to process all of these to send them back to the warehouse. It’s not the most glamorous of jobs but it has to be done and it is quite fun seeing all of the product in real life! Throughout the week the jobs I do change a lot, for example on a Tuesday I collate all of our weekly coverage into a report for both brands, I also work on looking for new influencers for us to reach out to and on a Friday I collate a boohoo report from our London activity throughout the week. 

5pm – Around this time I check back on my to do list and make sure that everything has been completed, most of the time I still have things left as I get a lot of extra work throughout the day as well as the bits that are on my list at the beginning of the day! For the last hour I normally prioritise what needs doing the most by the end of the day and finish off any urgent call in’s that need to arrive tomorrow! 

6pm – HOME TIME! 9-6pm is a very long working day so by the time 6pm comes around I can’t wait to get home! Once I’ve left work I walk to Oxford Circus tube station and hop on the central line for my journey home. It is always absolutely packed however again I put my headphones in and read my kindle and in no time I’m back at my flat! 

7pm – As most of you will know I live by myself so I get home at around 6:50pm, I’ve then been adding in an extra cardio workout in the evenings recently for 15-20 minutes and then I make my dinner! I tend to make something healthy and from fresh ingredients as I enjoy cooking. After I’ve eaten my dinner I get snug on the sofa and watch some Netflix and YouTube videos for the rest of the evening! 

The job was incredibly busy and the majority of the time very stressful however I absolutely loved it! As I mentioned I really am SO sad to have finished my placement year at boohoo now, it really was the best experience. If you guys have any questions regarding anything I’ve spoken about then please do drop me a message on Twitter or Instagram!