Back to Uni with Wilko | A Look at My Uni Room

Moving back to University each September is both an exciting and nerve-racking time however one thing you don't want it to be is expensive! Whilst being at Uni I have found that some items I've bought over the years have been either broken by other housemates or lost along the way so it's so important to me to ensure I don't spend a fortune when moving back to Uni each year. Wilko have some amazing pieces for kitting out your Uni house for the new academic year and I am SO impressed by some of the things I've picked up!

For me, the bed is the centrepiece of a bedroom and making it as homely and cosy as possible is so important, especially in your Uni room. I love adding lots of cushions to my bed (as you can see.. the more the better!) as at Uni your bed is not only where you sleep, you most likely study on it, watch TV on it and spend most of your time there.
I absolutely love this coral cushion and I can't believe it's only £3! I was honestly shocked when this arrived in the post as the quality of this is amazing and feels a lot more than it's price tag.

Blankets and throws are another way to make your room feel super cosy and more like home and I love this throw from Wilko that I've popped at the end of my bed. The pattern is one that will go with many different room styles and is perfect for layering with other blankets too. Once again, the value of this is incredible as this was only £3, making it so affordable for Uni students heading back to start the new academic year!

There are a lot of rose gold accents in my Uni room so this vase fits in perfectly. I absolutely love fresh flowers and my lovely Mum bought me these gorgeous roses when I moved in a few days ago. As much as I am a Uni student, I love interiors and I love my room to feel 'very me' whilst still on a budget which is why items such as this vase are perfect for making my room look a little more polished. I'm still pretty blown away that this vase was only £8, it is just amazing value!

Another item that definitely helps your room to look better are photo frames! I absolutely love having photos of my family and Bradley around my room, I especially loved doing this in my first year of Uni as because it was the first time I'd ever moved away from home, I missed my family so much and having photos around my room really helped. This mirrored photo frame from Wilko is gorgeous, I love how it looks on the shelves in my room! This is yet another item I can't believe the price of at £2.75! 

As I've previously mentioned, I don't have a tremendous amount of space in my bedroom this year so I've had to find lots of different storage solutions to help me save space! I love these grey baskets for storing my most worn shoes in (as I have an excessive amount). I've got these inside my wardrobe on the top shelf and they fit in perfectly! These boxes were only £3.50 each too. 

Another shoe storage solution I've found are the Wilko storage boxes, I love this one specifically as the box has clips on either side and therefore I can fill it to the brim with shoes and it will still close! This box was amazing value at only £4, which is the best value I've seen for a good quality box of this size. 

I absolutely love to have lots of pretty lights in my room as I love to relax with some 'mood lighting' in the evenings after a day at uni. This bedside lamp from Wilko is perfect and is so aesthetically pleasing too, I LOVE the marble base! I've had other bedside lamps through my years at Uni but this one is by far the nicest I've ever had. The lamp was £15. 

When I saw the butlers tray table online on the Wilko website I just knew I had to have it! This is perfect for putting up next to my bed when I want to have breakfast in my room or even when I am writing an assignment as I don't have a desk in my bedroom this year. I love the fact it folds down as I can put this at the end of my bed when it's not in use. This is only £16 and I think it looks so much more expensive than it is, it also comes in grey too! 

Every Uni student normally has a pin board in their room to pin photos or important letters to however they are normally quite plain and ugly in all honesty! That is why I love this one from Wilko as it's SO pretty, I didn't even realise it was a pin board at first glance on the website. This is also such good value at only £3. Currently I have pinned a photo of Bradley along with some theatre tickets however as Uni commences I will be pinning revision notes on there too! 

When I was trawling the Wilko website a few weeks ago, this over door rack was one of the things I was most excited to find! I'd never seen something like this before and I thought it was a great space saving solution, especially at only £10. I've popped this on the back of our storage cupboards door as this is right next to my bedroom. It's been perfect to house items I don't have room for in my bedroom such as my iron, washing products and towels! I've also got lots of bottles of water in here too as I like having them easily accessible rather than having to go upstairs. 

Another storage box that I love is this one I am housing my stationery in. As I mentioned I don't have a desk in this bedroom and therefore this box has come in very handy as the place to pop my stationery into. I put this under my bed so I can easily pull it out when I need to use anything from inside the box. Once again, this was incredible value at only £2. 

I know I've said this about nearly every single item in this blogpost but I honestly can't get over the prices of the pieces I've got from Wilko, especially as the quality of each and every item has been so good. As you will be able to see in my Back to Uni Haul, I was so impressed by every item that I ordered and they've all fit in perfectly in my new room which I'm so happy about! 

What are your favourite pieces from this blogpost?