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Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year, summer is great however there is nothing better than curling up and watching Christmas films, choosing gifts for family and friends, eating ALL the Christmas food and throwing a great party with all your loved ones!

Wilko have sent over some of their amazing products from their Christmas Party range and I have had the best time creating cocktails as though I'm some kind of professional! 

They've got a fantastic range of quality products at an affordable price, I've been really impressed by everything. 

I had such a great time displaying lots of snacks and candles on a table in front of the Christmas tree (to be EXTRA festive!) as well as some of the wilko products too. The gorgeous Wilko Copper Barware Set looked amazing and all of my friends asked where it was from, I was so happy to be able to tell them it was only £10! 

This Christmas I'm buying many of my family and friends gin related gifts as it has become such a popular drink this year! These Wilko Gin Bubbles are the perfect gift to give to a gin lover this Christmas as they are so different. I find it so hard some years to find unique and affordable gifts that the receiver won't already own and I think these are perfect, especially for only £2. Another gin related gift that I am personally OBSESSED with (I've already bought this for someone this Christmas!) is the Wilko Gin Infusion Set which allows you to make your own gin! Imagine being able to give someone a G&T with gin you've made yourself?! I think that's incredible! 

These two Prosecco gifts would be absolutely perfect as Stocking Fillers for any of your loved ones or as Secret Santa gifts too! The Wilko Peach Bellini Mix and Edible Pearls is a ready made gift, it's so aesthetically pleasing as well as also tasting SO yummy too! The Wilko Peach Bubbles are a perfect addition to any glass of Prosecco and similarly to the gin bubbles above, they're only £2!

The Wilko Make Your Own Margarita Set is an incredible gift that I would personally love to find under the tree! The extra large margarita glass would be perfect to use over Christmas at any party you're going to be hosting as well as a lovely gift to take over to a friends party to say thank you - You'll definitely be invited back again!

 I absolutely loved the effect that the Wilko Prosecco Sprinkles gave to my drinks! I especially loved the rose petals as I love the smell of rose as well as the petals making the drink look incredible! I'm planning on buying some more of these for Christmas Day as I know all of my family would love adding these to their drinks!

My final two gifts are absolutely perfect for your friends that love cocktails but are slight novices at actually making the drinks themselves (basically I'm talking about all of us!). The Wilko Tropical Highball Cocktail Mixers include a Pineapple Mai Tai, a Strawberry Daiquiri, a Mojito and a Pina Colada, which I personally think is the perfect mix of cocktails! This is absolutely perfect foe anyone that wants to relive the summer months too! The Wilko Prosecco Cocktail Mixers are so gorgeous with their bauble design looking extra festive, I absolutely adored the blood orange mimosa 😍

I loved using the wilko Christmas party products this weekend with my friends to create some fabulous tasting drinks, we had a great time shaking our cocktails and chatting over Prosecco, it was so lovely! I would highly recommend checking out the range over at wilko, it is so easy to shop online if you can't get to the store too. 

It is a fantastic one stop shop this Christmas for all your festive needs! 

Which product did you like best?! 

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